What are API, Bulk and OTP?

Bulk SMS gateway provides you with the facility of API and OTP SMS. API stands for application programming software. It allows different types of software to interact with each other. API is a predefined set of procedures, protocols that act as a tool for building software. It defines how the software component interacting with each other. It acts as a building block for building software application.

There are various classifications of API messages –

Internal, external and partner API messages

Internal API is available within the company. External API is used for the external customers. REST (Representation state transfer) API which helps to send data outside the company. REST API works same as a website does client makes a link with server through HTTD. API helps to filter data to the parameter which has been sent.

Bulk SMS Providers in India

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API and Bulk SMS –

It is on intelligent gateway network that allows to send and receive SMS from any application in addition to that delivery report is also assure able. It has been proved as a very powerful sending infrastructure in which lakhs of the customers is deal within few seconds.


One time password messages – OTP massage are the massages that are available for one transaction. They help to overcome many of the short coming that are associated with number a number of implementations. They are not available for reuse. It is related to software known as security token. The average delivery time for the OTP messages is 2-6 second.

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